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BLM and BIA roundups are U.S. government subsidized. The Wild for Life Foundation Equine Cruelty Prevention Team considers the agressive treatment and rough handling of horses and burros during BLM and BIA roundups as egregious animal abuse.

"Roundups are known to cause horses and burros unnecessary and unjustifiable pain and suffering. During roundups equines of all ages and sizes, both fit and unfit are chased indiscriminately by motorized vehicles; they are forced to run for hours across miles of rough terrain without rest or water, and oftentimes are roped and dragged during the roundups. Bands of horses and burros are chased at high speeds into enclosed trap sites where horses often collide into the metal gates, and into one another. This egregiously cruel handling of horses and burros causes them tremendous suffering and pain. Horses and burros sustain a multitude of injuries that occur during and as a direct result of the roundups including deep lacerations, abrasions, trachea injuries, and serious muscle skeletal injuries including fractures, broken necks, broken limbs, pelvis and spinal injuries. These injuries are ignored by roundup crew members. These horses and burros are then crammed into trailers where they suffer further injuries including head trauma, ruptured eye globes, and shipping fever (a painful condition caused by aggravated stress and a lack of rest, water and food), and many of the equines go down and are then trampled by the others.  Many horses and burros suffer languishing deaths during and as a result of the roundups. New born foals and weanlings often also suffer from multiple hoof sloughs where their hooves literally fall off; surviving foals are force weaned too young; lacking the ability to eat or drink, these baby horse and burros languish in a slow cruel death." - Katia Louise, Director, Saving America's Horses: A Nation Betrayed, President, Founder and volunteer Executive Director of the Wild for Life Foundation.


"Today, more than ever before, life must be characterized by a sense of Universal responsibility, not only nation to nation and human to human, but also human to other forms of life." -Dalai Lama


SAH A Promise of FreedomComments made to the BLM in opposition of their cruel round ups and removals fall on the deaf ears - as they are responsible for these crimes; but the record of your comments gives testimony to the will of the people and can be used in the fight to right the wrong as we bring this issue out into the open. Thank you for making your voice heard on behalf of the horses.

America's wild horses are disappearing; they're being eradicated by the U.S. government.. stampeded for miles across lava fields, chased by helicopter in extreme temperatures. Many die during these round ups, many are never seen again.

The BLM claims they are dying of dehydration because of no water, yet evidence show they've been fenced off from the water sources so that cattle can drink.

Documentated evidence shows the BLM publicly pointing to cattle grazing and mining as competing interests for the use of the open range lands where they seek to remove wild horses. Studies of the range lands areas where the horses have been removed indicate several competing interests including recreation, minerals interests, hunting and mining, but cattle crazing has always caused a primary conflict for the horses.

GAO reports show that the BLM has increased cattle grazing after SAH Prod Still- Photo credit Virginie Parantremoving wild horses. BLM advisory board groups consist primarily of livestock permittees. Big corporations own vast amounts of open range lands and as livestock permittees, they receive subsidies and tax write offs for running cattle on those lands. When their lands sit adjacent to public rangelands they can increase their financial gain by running even more cattle - hence the constant increased of cattle grazing and removal of wild equines.

Wild horses are also used as scapegoats; blamed for the degradation of the rangelands, when irrefutable proof exists showing the devastation has been caused by the overgrazing of cattle and livestock. The propagation of the myth that wild horses are devastating the lands gives the BLM and the livestock industry the fuel they need to get wild horses out of their way.

Simply said its more profitable to eliminate wild horses and burros than allow them to co-exist on their legal and natural homelands.

The livestock industry holds tremendous influence over the government and other agencies. Research illustrates how their power steers the actions of the BLM and its eradication of wild equids.

Should Americans spend over $100,000 a day in tax payer dollars to feed wild horses that have been inhumanely and needlessly removed from their native lands?

What about the scientific evidence that reveals how the existance wild equines in the wild compliment the environment, wildlife and the restoration of rangelands, even those that have been devastated and overgrazed by cattle?

The BLM claims that it's a myth that wild horses are being sent to slaughter, however substantial evidence reveals the removal and trafficking of wild horses by the BLM for the purpose of slaughter.

Make your voice heard on behalf of the wild horses

United We Stand

Stand United for the Horses

Join us in honoring the horse nation. They are as much a part of the land as we are.

They must be given respect and honored for their sacred place within the Creation.

Say no to round ups

Say NO to horse slaughter

Let your voice be heard



Join the Saving America's Horses Initiative by pledging to help stop equine cruelty.

The Saving America’s Horses Initiative strives break the cycle of animal cruelty for America’s horses through cultivating action and inspiring social change for the protection of equines from abuse, cruelty and gruesome death.



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